Comment 15 for bug 1703415

(In reply to comment #0)
> The problem here is that
> there's no clean "force unsuspend" mechanism in pulseaudio.
> pa_sink_suspend(u->sink, FALSE, PA_SUSPEND_IDLE|PA_SUSPEND_USER) may not
> actually unsuspend the sink, because there are also other suspend reasons
> than just IDLE and USER. So, depending on the situation, the sink may or may
> not get unsuspended.
> module-bluetooth-device could list all possible reasons in the
> pa_sink_suspend() call, but that would be ugly. When adding new suspend
> reasons, it would be very easy to forget to update the pa_sink_suspend()
> call in module-bluetooth-device, and besides, if those suspend reasons are
> originally set by some other code, the original reasons to suspend don't
> really disappear when module-bluetooth-device unsuspends the sink, the old
> reasons are just overridden.

Correction: there is the PA_SUSPEND_ALL suspend cause. That looks like a good simple solution to this bug, even though it doesn't solve all the described problems. But at least it will reliably unsuspend the sink.