Comment 92 for bug 1283003

Hi all,

blueman maintainer here. I understand this is not 100 % a blueman problem, but blueman is definitely having its part.

As you found out, there is a blueman applet plugin that unloads pulseaudio's bluetooth-discover module and handles devices manually. The original author let me know that this is due to pulseaudio (the discovery module especially) not working well back then. For more details see

I've prepared a blueman version without that pulseaudio applet plugin, but still including the manager plugin. That one is responsible for selecting the A2DP profile. Although there are other ways to do this (e.g. PulseAudio Volume Control as mentioned above), it seems like this is a useful feature to some users.

You can test the changes using the following PPA:

The code can be found in the nopahandling branch: