Comment 39 for bug 1181106

Still does not work on 14.04.
My solution is to disable socket in audio.conf, then I can connect, but not with the default GUI thing.

Using the bluetooth icon in the titlebar, I connect, and it shows up as connected.
However, using any other tool (blueman-manager, pactl list, pavucontrol) it is obvious it fails to connect, a sink is not established, and the module is not loaded. Sometimes it successfully connects using headset service only, but fails on the A2DP, and still shows up as successful.

So it seems it tries to connect, but does not perform any check if it actually succeded or not. This is a problem in Unity i think.

Using blueman-manager, I can connect, but get this error from bluetoothd:
bluetoothd[14256]: Unable to select SEP
This is mentioned here and is a separate bug:
The fix for that seems to be to manually load module-bluetooth-discover, and things work.

Still, it would be nice to get some checks in the default applet if it actually connects or not.