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Bug #109659 reported by Jochen Kemnade on 2007-04-24
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pulseaudio (Ubuntu)

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The jack sink/module is not compiled in pulseaudio package.

pulseaudio-module-jack is also missing from gutsy.

I have pulseaudio-0.9.6-1ubuntu2 and other available modules installed and working.
However, without pulseaudio-module-jack I can't run any applications that require JACK without killing pulseaudio and reconfiguring. Why was this module omitted?

Patrice Vetsel (vetsel-patrice) wrote :

There is no module for jack support compiled in the last version of pulseaudio 0.9.8-2ubuntu2 (in Hardy daily)

description: updated
Daniel T Chen (crimsun) wrote :

Please resubmit a MainInclusionReport for jack-audio-connection-kit [so it can be re-promoted to main for 8.04]. Until jack-audio-connection-kit resides in main [again], we cannot build jack support into pulseaudio. Please reopen this bug when jack-audio-connection-kit is back in main.

Changed in pulseaudio:
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Ken Phillis Jr (kphillisjr) wrote :

posted a package request, namely bug #198048... of course this bug report effects hardy.

Motin (motin) wrote :

> Until jack-audio-connection-kit resides in main [again], we cannot build jack support into pulseaudio.
> Please reopen this bug when jack-audio-connection-kit is back in main.

Is this because the source archive pulseaudio is in main but jack-audio-connection-kit is in universe?

Strange restriction, since this module would do lots and lots of good for all JACK users: allowing ordinary applications such as Firefox+Flash, Totem etc, to be audible even when JACK is running.

Can't we just put up binary packages in universe?

Motin (motin) wrote :

As a sidenote, here is the report: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportJACK

I tried to add this package's build dependency to the rationale, but couldn't log in due to unknown reasons.

After that report is filled out fully a corresponding bug report should be filed in order for someone to review the report.

If JACK gets repromoted to main we can once again enable ALSA, Xine and PulseAudio JACK plugins.

What I don't get is why we can't have these plugins in separate packages in Universe - or if this is possible - why aren't they in Universe already?

Emmet Hikory (persia) wrote :

Re: having separate packaged plugins in universe: this would require duplication of the code for something that could build in universe, and makes security/upgrade/whatnot support a bit of a nightmare. To enable these, we need jack to return to main.

From what I understand, the main blocker to jack being in main is that jack currently depends on the FreeBoB libraries, which are inactive upstream. As these transition to ffado, or if there is a decision to drop support for firewire devices, the main inclusion report can proceed. Given the choice between a pulseaudio sink and support for a growing class of devices, I'm personally strongly inclined to continue to support the devices, with the minor inconvenience that users who wish to use JACK in combination with desktop applications (as opposed to studio applications) must configure their systems manually.

ljuksi (ljuksi) wrote :

Since freebob is optional, you can release two binary packages for jack - one with support for freebob enabled (ex. jack-freebob) and the other without (perhaps the default one?). This would let pro-audio users install the pulseaudio-module-jack plugin. Switching between pulseaudio or jackd as the main sound server would be possible with a script. Am I right?

Rob Frohne (frohro) wrote :

I hope you guys can find a way to include jack in main again. In the meantime, I need this capability and so I'm hoping someone can point us to a way to manually configure our systems since this is the required route.

So can someone please help the rest of us?



Rob Frohne (frohro) wrote :

I tried to just install the debian package above, and it doesn't seem to work, which seems to indicate that the pulse audio system in Intrepid wasn't compiled with jack support. Is there a way to verify this? Do I need to build and configure pulse audio from source in order to get jack support for pulse audio?



Rob Frohne (frohro) wrote :

Here is a little something that gives a hint on how to do this:


At this point for me things are kind of working. I can see the ports in jack, but no audio seems to get through.


Motin (motin) wrote :

JACK-Enabled pulseaudio packages can be found here: https://launchpad.net/~motin/+archive/until-jack-is-included-in-main/+packages

wgacquer (wgacquer) wrote :

I am using Ubuntu Studio for years and I am very sad to see that Karmic still does not have the pulseaudio-module-jack package.

Ubuntu Studio without that package is useless because you always have to switch between audio production usage OR web surfing.

Jack is a fundamental part of Ubuntu Studio.

Please fix that problem.


Eric Hedekar (stochastic) wrote :

Jack-Audio-Connection-Kit is now in Main so this bug is valid again. Changing to Confirmed.

Changed in pulseaudio (Ubuntu):
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status: Confirmed → Fix Committed
Eric Hedekar (stochastic) wrote :

Went to go write the patch to fix this bug, but it's already been committed to the latest launchpad source!

Daniel T Chen (crimsun) wrote :

Lucid's PA ships the jack plugin.

Changed in pulseaudio (Ubuntu):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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