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Bug #1928966: Please merge procps 2:3.3.17-5 (main) from Debian unstable Wishlist Fix Committed 4 weeks

From: William Wilson
Link: procps-ubuntu-ubuntu.debdiff

Diff from 3.3.16-5ubuntu3

Bug #1478655: Numeric username bigger than ulong gives error with -U option Undecided New 308 weeks

From: CaduEllery
Link: numeric_username.patch

Patch for numeric usernames of procps on Ubuntu 14.04

Bug #619783: procps will not install in multistrap unless upstart is running on the host system Undecided Confirmed 566 weeks

From: Wookey
Link: procps

Trivial patch to postinst

Bug #318221: watch command does not show utf-8 characters Low Triaged 605 weeks

From: Jarrod Lowe
Link: 70_watch-unicode-3.2.8.dpatch

70_watch-unicode-3.2.8.dpatch #2

Bug #55850: implement some kernel network security features Wishlist Triaged 776 weeks

From: John Moser
Link: sysctl.conf-patch-security.diff

sysctl.conf diff to implement all everything

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