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Bug #1639478: Merge with Debian 0.48.0 Wishlist Confirmed 5 weeks

From: Jeremy Bicha
Link: poppler48-diff-from-ubuntu.debdiff


Bug #277404: hp laserjet postscript text print does not print some characters Medium Triaged 410 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: cups_1.3.9-2ubuntu7_1.3.9-2ubuntu8.debdiff

debdiff for an Intrepid SRU to fix this bug

Bug #48146: Poor font rendering in okular Low Confirmed 416 weeks

From: Sergei Ivanov
Link: hinting.patch

disable freetype's autohinting when anti-aliasing

Bug #80921: No subpixel rendering Low Confirmed 442 weeks

From: Tom Jaeger
Link: poppler-force-subpixel.patch


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