Comment 23 for bug 739233

Can save all important work (to be prepared for a reboot if needed) and then you run "top" in a terminal window and after that try to print your odf file from libreoffice again, taking care that the terminal window running "top" is visible. Please tell which processes are at the top of the list in "top". These are the most CPU-consuming. Especially processes owned by the user "lp" are important.

Do the same procedure also for the second case. With a visible "top" print your PDF file out of Okular.

If in one or both of the above cases "top" does not show any CPU-consuming processes (see CPU percentage in the listing), repeat above procedure for the two cases but right after starting "top" and before tyrying to print your files, press Shift+M to get "top" into memory consumption mode. Then you have the most memory-consuming processes at the top of the list. Please tell which these are.

In addition, follow the instructions of the sections "CUPS error_log" and "Capturing print job data" on for both cases.