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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

This was last built in hirsute, suspicious ...

Rebuilding as is in:
gave me a working binary just as my local rebuild had \o/

I can only assume that is some dark magic of the golang static build and an incompatibility dragging that old build from hirsute along so long?
Happy to be told more details as I'm curious about this ...

Since I don't understand the root cause yet I'm curious - could this be some kind of "breaks all go programs" issue that is hiding well so far?
I searched for all "<Hirsute" + "not rebuilt since focal" + "bdeps dh-golang" + "not just golang-* lib" programs to test them ...
Only "boohu" qualifies for all of that and it was not affected by the same AFAICS.

So I guess while I do not understand it yet the solution is simple.
We should rebuild this or flag this bug as fixed along any other coming upload?