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Bug #1767760: plymouth timeout prevents x-server from correct initialization Undecided New 212 weeks

From: Thomas Schustek
Link: timeout-for-ping-fix.patch

Increases time-out for plymouth ping

Bug #1309617: plymouth-upstart-bridge main process (189) terminated with status 1 at boot Medium Confirmed 408 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: plymouth-upstart.patch


Bug #595648: Remote unlocking not possible if plymouth is active (Bug or Feature?) Low Confirmed 413 weeks

From: Pierre BLONDEAU
Link: cryptroot.patch


Bug #1289809: Grub theme: black screen with purple border Low Confirmed 428 weeks

From: Edwin Pujols
Link: fix_LP-1289809.patch

A very small fix

Bug #559797: RGB to [0,1] normalization uses wrong divisor Low Triaged 534 weeks

From: Hernando Torque
Link: plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo-rgb-normalize.patch


Bug #594839: Plymouthd SIGSEGV on Lucid Xen Instance Undecided Triaged 623 weeks

From: TJ Merritt
Link: plymouth.patch


Bug #560491: [lucid beta2] Plymouth does not honor "nosplash" Low Triaged 632 weeks

From: Craig Ringer
Link: plymouth-fix-state.diff

Fix plymouth's keyword check in kernel command line

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