Pidgin's auto-reconnect does not always reconnect

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Pidgin can't seem to keep a connection on my computer, so I have to constantly reconnect manually.

Reproduction: internet connection is away for a while (in my case wireless link physically broken for a while). All protocols get disconnected. Message appears in Pidgin under the list of contacts. Sofar this is expected. Then, the messages do not go away when connection comes back - appearently Pidgin does not quickly reconnect after internet connection comes back.

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mvdberg112 (sp1471) wrote :

Yes, I have exactly as described in Ubuntu 7.10. The "Auto-Reconnect" is not available and Pidgin does not automatically reconnect, nor can I set auto-reconnect setting in Tools->Preferrences.

Pidgin does report the disconnected status and it is possible to click on the message, after which Pidgin gives three option, of which one is reconnect. But I do need do it manually, and it should be that I would only need to configure for auto and then it would try automatically when it notices a disconnection.

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mvdberg112 (sp1471) wrote :

Correction/Addition to my previous response: The page mentioned is not up-to-date.
See here:
" version 2.0.0 (5/3/2007):
" .....
" * The functionality of the auto-reconnect plugin has been
" moved into the core, and the plugin itself has been removed."
So, the Auto-reconnect plugin is supposed not to appear. Whether the Auto-reconnect functionality works correctly or not is an entirely different issue.

Please, report exact circumstance under which Pidgin does not auto-reconnect or any other malfunctioning of auto-reconnection with Pidgin.

Report from Pidgin 2.2.1: as in previous response.

I will update the bug description. The old bug description was:
title "Pidgin doesn't have auto-reconnect plugin"
"Binary package hint: pidgin
" says Pidgin comes
"with the auto-reconnect plugin. 8.04 doesn't, and doesn't appear in the repositories
"either. This annoys me since Pidgin can't seem to keep a connection on my
"computer, so I have to constantly reconnect manually."

description: updated
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Ian (ian-dalton) wrote :

For me, it's not that the messages do not go away when the connection comes back--it's that the connection doesn't come back until I manually click "connect".

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Rudolf Adamkovic (salutis) wrote :

I have the same problem, there is no automatic reconnect plug-in. It's must in case of non-stable network connection.

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Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. You reported this bug a while ago and there hasn't been any activity in it recently. We were wondering is this still an issue for you? Could you try to reproduce the same with Ubuntu 8.10 or 9.04? Thanks in advance.

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Paweł (paff) wrote :

I have the same problems. I use laptop and connect to different networks. When Network gets down and I'm connecting to other network (from wifi to ethernet for example), then pidgin can't reconnect. Only closing the Pidgin and openning again solve the problem.
The easyiest way to reproduce the problem is switch off the radio wifi before openning pidgin, so there is no internet connection. After connecting to network not every accont are connecting. The Gadu-Gadu is, but it connects to server by IP. The google talk isn't connecting. Even when I changed status to disconnected and again to connected, the only way is to close the Pidign program and open it again.

It's realy annoying.

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Ian (ian-dalton) wrote :

Nope; this works for me now.

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Ernst (ernst-blaauw) wrote :

I'm still having this problem. I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 with backports and proposed. I have one account: Google Talk.
If there is no network, I can click manually reconnect, but this doesn;t work; I have to close Pidgin before I can connect again.

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mvdberg112 (sp1471) wrote :

I have upgraded a few months ago to Ubuntu 8.10. Pidgin is version 2.5.2
Very often, the pidgin account says:
"1 account was disabled because you signed on from another location:" (which is possible when I would turn on my other computer; however, it also happens when that computer is not turned on at all since the last time that I connected this Pidgin instance)

This happens to my MSN account, not the Yahoo, XMPP (for my Google account) or AIM. a

When reading the reports above, it seems to me that the problem is intermittent with different account types.

When I press manually "reconnect" (or whatever that button says), it reconnects.

Thanks everybody for the reports. Is there any information that I could give that could help to solve the problem? Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough in programming or compiling, otherwise, I would be happy to help. If somebody can, I am happy to install a version of the reconnect-plug-in, that creates a log file for whenever an account goes off line. That way we could verifiy whether the reconnect-plug-in really detects the disconnection and take it from there.

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Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

could you try on jaunty? it could be useful if somebody having the issue would send the bug to the people writting the software on too

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Bruno Lucas (brunolucas) wrote :

I have this issue on Jaunty, Pidgin does not auto-reconnect after a network failure. The solution is to restart Pidgin or to disable and enable the account (Google Talk).

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Przemysław Kochański (kochas315) wrote :

It's upstream. Problem still exist in newest wersion on Karmic and all others linux distributions.

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Jmadero (jmadero) wrote :

I'm seeing the same problem. At work my net gets interrupted about every hour or two, I usually don't even notice it and pidgin buddy list isn't physically open so I don't see that I'm offline. Auto-reconnect either doesn't work or takes forever. I think having an option to make it instant (or to try every 5 seconds or so after a disconnect) would be nice. Right now it seems like it tries after several minutes, sometimes I've said a few things to someone and they didn't receive them because I was disconnected without knowing it. Empathy has the same problem

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marw (marw) wrote :

Same problem in 11.10: after the laptop is brought back from suspension, Pidgin does not register any change (no report that IRC connection is lost) and just "hangs" like there's no activity in channels.

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Sparhawk (sparhawkthesecond) wrote :

I also have this problem in 11.10. Pidgin will not automatically reconnect, but I can manually click the reconnect button, which works.

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Jesse Glick (jesse-glick) wrote :

Something similar but perhaps distinct happening to me:

Gary M (garym)
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Lealcy B. Junior (lealcy) wrote :

I have various links at work and a router who changes the link based on some rules. It some times happen every feel minutes and takes my Gtalk and Jabber accounts with it.

It's expected. But it take too long to GTalk to reconnect. I searched but don't find any options to try reconnect as soon as it disconnect.

If I'm watching the friends list and it disconnect and I click reconnect, it reconnect really quick, but seens to be some timer or delay if you wait it to do automatically.

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Lealcy B. Junior (lealcy) wrote :

Just for you to know, I'm using Precise.

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Tomislav (hefest) wrote :

FWIW, I fail to see how this is seen as a "low priority" issue as people forget that pidgin is disconnected (every other application that I use reestablishes its connections automatically) and cannot be reached during this time. The only way I see an issue could be more pressing is if the application didn't work at all.

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MintPaw (jerusanders) wrote :

It's been 8 years, every time wifi cuts out Pidgin is essentially unusable and knowing it won't reconnect half my services I've simply written a script to kill and relaunch it. To be a competent multi-client messenger we need a way to force auto-reconnect.

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Tomislav (hefest) wrote :

Apparently, time to move to a different IM. :\

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