Comment 22 for bug 567248

I manage to set up the account and receive chat messages (haven't yet tried calls), using the last *deb package provided on the developer's website. But one problem that really pisses me off is that in Empathy the plugin called "bigbrownchunck-skype-dbus" does not display an icon.
The plugin does actually have its own icons, but they get installed where pidgin protocols' icons are installed (the path is /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/protocols/).
Apparently, Empathy does not know where to find the icons for the Skype protocol, and it ends up assigning no icon to the protocol. The worst consequence of this is that when the mouse passes over Skype contacts in Empathy's main window, an ugly icon with a red "X" on black background shows up.
I'm sure this could be fixed quite easily, but I don't know how.