Comment 6 for bug 1677578

I didn't try your example as "Just put many big JPGs to images directory." was too unsure to reproduce for each trying to help on this bug the same way.

Following your comment #3 that in the faulty case you had up to 500M per processes the limit that I found seems to get exceeded, now we need to find a way to reproduce that with less uncertainties.

Lets assume it is down to php objects or even something imagemagick specific, the critical part which we need to integrate in my test then is:
                $image = new \Imagick(realpath(__BASE__.'/'.$photo));
                $image->thumbnailImage(64, 48, true, false);
                $image = null;

I had no time today, but if you could check if by modifying my case you could get one that triggers still that would be great.
Maybe one can use Imagick::newImage instead of files create a new single color image, create a thumbnail and then go to be killed.

I'll subscribe myself to see if I find some time next days