Comment 54 for bug 74647

RedScourge (redscourge) wrote :

I installed PHP 5.2.X on Lucid which normally comes with 5.3.X as I have old code I cannot yet change.

This lead to a headache recompiling PHP with the proper GD library because libaprutil1-dev and apache2-prefork-dev depend on their respective non-dev packages, so in order to satisfy the dependencies necessary for recompiling this older version of PHP, you have to download .deb files for these two packages, modify /etc/apt/sources.list back so it uses karmic instead of lucid as you usually have to do in order to install the PHP 5.2.X packages from karmic, install all OTHER dependencies, change /etc/apt.sources.list back, force install of these .deb packages with dpkg --force-depends -i [packagename], THEN you can compile, then you can uninstall all this crap it installed to compile, and THEN you can replace your currently running version of php5-gd with your newly compiled php5-gd .deb file (as altering and recompiling the source package also compiles all the subpackages as well). I mentioned most if not all of the commands I ran in order to accomplish this under bug #809400 incase any of you don't know how to do all this and need some help figuring it out.