Comment 17 for bug 74647

Pierre (pierre-php) wrote :


I already tried to discuss the various problem in Debian's gd last year before Etch. Without much success as some critical bugs only got fixed recently and not by the package maintainer (he should be consider as inactive or as blocking point, choose one ;) ).

About the PHP'gd, I'm working on a patch to enable external GD usage in ext/gd while enabling the missing features (rotate, filter, etc.). It will be applied only to php 5.3+ but it should be easy to back port it to 5.2.x in your trees. However the minimum GD version will be 2.0.36 or 2.0.36 (that excludes Debian's version as there is still important bugs and BC issues in their trees).

In the long run (gd 2.1+), both libraries will be identical from a feature and API point of view.

As an ubuntu user (and lover), I will be happy to give you a hand to solve this problem.