Comment 0 for bug 411890

Binary package hint: php5

On a fresh 9.10 (karmic) system, php5 (5.2.10) source package will not compile.


# Install brand new Ubuntu karmic release (alpha 3)
sudo pbuilder --create --distribution karmic
dget -xu
cd php5_5.2.10.dfsg.1/
pdebuild -- --distribution karmic

cat: confdefs.h: No such file or directory
../configure: 488: ac_fn_c_try_run: not found
../configure: 488: 5: Bad file descriptor
../configure: 488: :: checking for pthreads_cflags: not found
../configure: 488: 6: Bad file descriptor

This error has been reproduced many times on the build farm, and also independently on 2 developer's machines.
Build log attached.

This same source package can be compiled successfully on jaunty (after resolving dependencies), and with no such errors. The build logs between karmic and jaunty looks almost identical.

Examination of the build area afterwards shows that the 'condefs.h' file do exist in the apache2-build diectory however, the ./configure script is a complete mess, after being regenerated with a different version of autoconf (2.64 instead of 2.13 although Jaunty also has a different autocond which is 2.63). This error appears to be caused somewhere around the 'buildconf --force' stage in the rules file. At a time when "./configure" is being regenerated.

And here is an older bug, perhaps its relevant.