Comment 7 for bug 397721

On Sun, 2009-08-02 at 04:53 +0000, mshadle wrote:
> The new PHP-FPM project will be standalone, so it can be packaged
> separately - currently it compiles against a vanilla PHP 5.2.10 build.
> It does not need any special ./configure switches, you just need to
> ./configure and make PHP so it has sources to build against. Then you
> can compile PHP-FPM separately and package it as a separate package.
> See details at

The problem is that, to make the package available and allowed for
upstream, the security team will require `php-fpm` to have the
`php-5.X.X` security patches.

Currently `php5_5.2.10.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2` is provided with ~46 patches,
among them suhoshin, CVE security fixes and other database related

On the other hand, there should be no problem with dependencies (fpm can
be run standalone in fact), and we can provide fpm using the latest
stable upstream (ignoring ubuntu release specific) version. In this
case, the package will not be part of a regular `php5` build, how I was
trying to make it.

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