Comment 15 for bug 397721

dreamcat4 (dreamcat4) wrote :

1. The php-fpm 0.6 is not compatible with PDO = shared. I believe this is important enough to issue document in the FPM project's FAQ. This incompatibility is with PDO=shared only. Normal (build-in) PDO works. Its for such a difficult link to make from the error in the log file, that we need to document it. (maybe giving the logfile error too).

2. Second quest is about the debian php5-common package because it bundles the shared PDO extension and pdo.ini is seen / tries to load by all variants. This is OK as is not loaded and just gives a warning.

PHP Group recommond not to compile PDO = shared since 5.1+. Therefore its fine that FPM doesn't support shared PDO either. It should always be compiled-in. However the official apache module IS currently compiled as shared pdo - not sure why. Shall be consultating with php5-maint higher up.