lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt (dolphin..) moves window position on opening device, folders or adjust size of windows (when on 2nd display only with vertical placement)

Bug #1804329 reported by Chris Guiver on 2018-11-20
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pcmanfm-qt (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

QA-test of Lubuntu 19.04 (x86_64) on
"hp 8200 elite sff (i5-2400, 8gb, nvidia quadro 600)"

and I'm getting lots of strange behavior on windows.. this for now will cover the first noticed.

two monitors; 'main' is the top (how its connected), secondary is below and slightly left..

for me monitor2 is easy to read, so pcmanfm-qt was somewhere near middle of monitor2, I was exploring my hdd & opened a partition -- WINDOW MOVES

the pcmanfm-qt window jumped, and now top of it is on monitor1 (top) and most on monitor2.

I drag it back to all on monitor2 and pick another partition - it MOVEs again

(this was repeated, each time I moved it to anywhere fully on monitor2 it warped to top being on monitor1, and most of monitor2 if I selected a suse partition (data or system). IF however i had the window fully on monitor1 (my top) it would stay put & wouldn't move. I would get the strange behavior on switch to EITHER SUSE partition. It would sometimes move if I selected a fedora partition (sys or data), but ALWAYS did it for SUSE (if windows was fully on monitor2)


I already had terminal open, so switched started `ubuntu-bug pcmanfm-qt` which has led to this report... I hadn't taken photos so I took some (which will be added). ubuntu-bug opened firefox & firefox window opens strangely on monitor2 (another pic; i may add to this, or another bug, another pic), then to get specs of machine ctrl-alt-T & term-opens mostly-off-screen (monitor1). all I suspect are related due I think to my monitor setup/positioning, but I'll deal with pcmanfm-qt first

I'll file the other strange window behavior in another bug, as I'm getting strange behavior (described above) in pcmanfm-qt on choosing partitions that sometimes causes the jump, sometimes no (eg. not always does it jump when I select a fedora partition? but suse partition appears to always cause jump).

strange window behavior reported on
note: as stated elsewhere, if that is fixed, this bug report becomes moot as it'd not be noticed (ie. inconsistent behavior in pcmanfm-qt on switching devices (partitions) - so what if it redraws; I only noticed due to screen position changes!)

ProblemType: Bug
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 19.04
Package: pcmanfm-qt 0.13.0-2ubuntu2
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 4.18.0-11.12-generic 4.18.12
Uname: Linux 4.18.0-11-generic x86_64
ApportVersion: 2.20.10-0ubuntu14
Architecture: amd64
CasperVersion: 1.400
CurrentDesktop: LXQt
Date: Tue Nov 20 22:34:13 2018
LiveMediaBuild: Lubuntu 19.04 "Disco Dingo" - Alpha amd64 (20181120)
SourcePackage: pcmanfm-qt
UpgradeStatus: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)

additional info:

in (comment) #12 on a later QA-test I noticed Qterminal exhibit the same behavior. More significantly I got so annoyed with pcmanfm-qt that I `sudo apt install dolphin` & started using `dolphin`.

Dolphin running on the Lubuntu 19.04 daily 'live' ISO exhibits the same behavior - so my classification of this as a pcmanfm-qt issue has to be incorrect!

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :
Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

this was 2nd pic taken (I just didn't have picture before move), but this shows rough position before I clicked on another 'device' in pcman-fm.

note: on uploading this attachment, the select-window appeared part on my monitor2 (as described above), and part on monitor1 -- this window-positioning I'll file in different report; related I think yes, but i'm separating as pcmanfm-qt behavior appeared to be related to chosen partition (ie. it occurred always on suse partitions, but rarely on fedora partitions..)

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

monitor1 is top - what lubuntu see's as main (due connection no doubt)
monitor2 is bottom, where window was fully in before I clicked 'fed_dat' device/partition

lower monitor is left of top monitor (yeah my setup is weird).
panel of top monitor (monitor1) can be used to see where top monitor is positioned.. top of moved window is off-screen

hopefully no-one else has my strange monitor positioning - so hopefully no-one else will notice?
but the fact that it didn't always occur, makes me think something in pcmanfm-qt is related & thus why strange-display-positions for qterminal/firefox/lximage-qt will be covered elsewhere, even though it does relate when it comes to position of where drawn... sorry if I jumped wrong way (a close call)

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

sorry clicked wrong button, the last image shows it didn't always appear in the same position. it jumped left yes, but the last comment (#5) was play as I wrote this bug-report, and the window was positioned to the right of firefox on monitor2 (bottom) before I clicked fed-dat and it moved.. in this 'warp' it only moved slighly left (thus covering part of firefox) instead of all the way to left of monitor (though it was further right before warp than most my other tests).

(the [left] warp factor is not a constant; could be related to window; less as firefox was there so it warped less to left?? - observation; sorry if this is unclear)

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

why separate - pcmanfm-qt causes a redraw sometimes (which causes window position to warp) but nother others.. i wouldn't notice this were my windows not warping to another location on screen, but it's why i'm filing this here.. if the window-warp issue is removed though - this pcmanfm-qt issue is moot anyway...

Ubuntu QA Website (ubuntuqa) wrote :

This bug has been reported on the Ubuntu ISO testing tracker.

A list of all reports related to this bug can be found here:

tags: added: iso-testing
Chris Guiver (guiverc) on 2018-11-21
description: updated
Chris Guiver (guiverc) on 2018-11-21
summary: - lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt moves window on opening device (middle
- of displays
+ lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt moves window on opening device (two
+ displays)

experimenting with this today; I noticed my pcmanfm-qt window is jumping on selection of a subdirectory (not just change of device/partition).

I have the displays configured one directly above the other (display0/monitor0 @ top, display1/monitor1 @ bottom) and the pcmanfm-qt window appears to jump so its panel is on the top display0/monitor0, with the rest on display1/monitor1 which is where I'm actually working and where the window was before it moved/jumped.

(this is the same daily image I was testing on initial bug-report; it has not been updated)

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

QA-test today on same "hp 8200 elite sff (i5-2400, 8gb, nvidia quadro 600)"

I've configured the two monitors as if one is directly above the other (they are vertically stacked with slight horizontal difference I'm ignoring).

When I click on folders in `pcmanfm-qt` the position of this window moves to another part of the screen partially on one display, most on the second display. When it's positioned on display0 (primary display), there is no movement. It only 'jumps' when the window is positioned on display1 (secondary display). Once it's moved, if I don't move the window - it won't move again; but it's positioned part on each display & I can't see the file/edit/view/bookmarks/.. menu as it's hidden by display0 panel

Same behavior as on first report.

Chris Guiver (guiverc) on 2019-01-18
summary: - lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt moves window on opening device (two
- displays)
+ lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt moves window on opening device, folders
+ or adjust size of windows (two displays, 2nd display only)

still on QA-test today on same "hp 8200 elite sff (i5-2400, 8gb, nvidia quadro 600)"

If `pcmanfm-qt` is on the 2nd display, and I try and adjust the window size, the window jumps to the position where top is hidden by panel on display0, main part is display1. If I don't immediately let go of mouse-button (which is what I tended to do), I can still adjust it's size, but my mouse is a huge-distance from the bottom right corner of window.

The menu's don't display when `pcmanfm-qt` is on display1 (non-primary-display) with behavior described in

I experimented with each corner to see if the window jumped - it only occurred when I tried to adjust the window size using the bottom right corner of the window, however it didn't occur every time (but did most of the time). I believe if I adjust size [of window] using any other corner, or middle-edge-of-window (ie. anywhere else but bottom-right corner), THEN tried to adjust using bottom-right corner it wouldn't jump strangely. If however I clicked on a menu (say view) then adjusted size-of-window using bottom-right-corner it would jump (but repeated testing seemed to miss-prove this theory...)

If I adjusted displays (using Monitor-Settings) to be left-right or next to each other horizontally, I'd get expected behavior. Readjusting monitors to be in vertical fashion and strange jumping-window behavior returned. I switched my monitors in Monitor-settings so the monitors were reversed (my top monitor showed as being at bottom, my bottom as if top in settings) and pcmanfm-qt window jumped again.

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

I've linked this with pcmanfm-qt as it's mostly where I find this issue annoying me. Still running the QA-test 'live' 19.04 daily image, and I just had Qterminal window move on me.

I got annoyed by ( menu not displaying when window is on 2nd monitor (top menu & right-click menu) that I loaded `dolphin` onto the system and started using that.

Dolphin changes position too - so it's not limited to pcmanfm-qt ; and this bug is assigned to the wrong program (not a pcmanfm-qt bug!)

I'll copy this to main window (leaving comment for date/time stamp).

summary: - lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt moves window on opening device, folders
- or adjust size of windows (two displays, 2nd display only)
+ lubuntu 19.04 daily - pcmanfm-qt (dolphin..) moves window position on
+ opening device, folders or adjust size of windows (when on 2nd display
+ only with vertical placement)
description: updated
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