Comment 11 for bug 420080

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 08:00:03AM -0000, Jochen Gruse wrote:
> thanks for your work on this! Unfortunately, there's a problem with the
> nightly alternate Kubuntu oneiric images (installer can't load kernel
> modules), so I can only report that yes, the "Activate existing volumes"
> option is there and asks for the passphrase to the existing crypto
> partition. Opening the partition fails because of missing modules, I
> presume.

Hmm. I did see something like this a while back but thought I'd fixed
it. Could you extract /var/log/syslog from the running installer after
this failure (you can use "Save debug logs" from the main menu, or else
run 'anna-install openssh-client-udeb' and then scp it somewhere) and
attach it here?