Comment 5 for bug 347916

jtholmes (jtholmes) wrote :

The work around did not work for me but np

Another little twist to this problem is the following

I dont burn a CD unless I have some really weird installation problems
I use two different hard drives, one partition from each

If I loop mount and copy ISO image to /dev/sda5 and then boot
/dev/sda5 and install OS on /dev/sdb6 then the MBR on /dev/sdb
is overwritten not the MBR on /dev/sda which is the boot device.
So, I never see the menu.lst file containing the boot changes for the New OS.
This is not a problem for me
as I know what to do to boot the New OS on /dev/sdb6 but using
two hard drives this way will cause some to have problems and
file a bug.

I say simplify the installer code to allow any partition to be used
but warn the user if they are about to overwrite their
1. USB stick
2. the hard drive partition containing the Installer
3. any partition that currently has a valid file system (win, ext...)
and also mod the installer to overwrite the MBR on /dev/sda regardless
of what sdX the OS was installed on, or give an advanced option
to allow MBR overwrite on any other hard drive.