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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1083605: env not changed in acc. with ~/.pam_environment if /home is on nfs Medium Incomplete 71 weeks

From: Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Link: accountsservice_lp-1083605.diff


Bug #772121: typo in pam_tally manpage Low Confirmed 155 weeks

From: Derrick Hudson
Link: pam_tally.patch


Bug #557013: Add pam-config for pam_mkhomedir.so Wishlist Triaged 210 weeks

From: Justin Jereza
Link: mkhomedir

pam_mkhomedir.so pam-config for interactive sessions only

Bug #138654: Annoying and useless delays on password entry errors Wishlist Triaged 283 weeks

From: Patrick Horn
Link: time_delay.patch

This patch changes the aggrivating 2 second delay to a more pleasant 0.5 seconds. Place this in debian/patches-applied/ and add to debian/patches-applied/series

Bug #64064: would be nice to add ~/bin to the default PATH Wishlist Confirmed 304 weeks

From: Dustin Kirkland 
Link: pam.64064-b.debdiff


Bug #145380: pam_env should document per-user environment file ~/.pam_environment more clearly Wishlist Triaged 326 weeks

From: Jason Toffaletti


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