[18.04] unneeded gui components in dependency

Bug #1777449 reported by LGB [Gábor Lénárt]
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ovirt-guest-agent (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

We use servers as servers, ie no libx11, libgtk or anything GUI related can be installed as per policy. However we uses virtualisation and we need install ovirt-guest-agent. Now, it seems, with 18.04 if I want to install ovirt-guest-agent it has a dependency on usermode package which states:

"Install the usermode package if you would like to provide users with
 graphical tools for certain account management tasks."

However since we don't need this, and in general, in many cases servers don't need any X11 related stuff, why it's compulsory to install usermode package as well? Especially it's annoying that even the description of the usermode packages states "_IF_ you would like .... graphical tools". But we don't need, so the if statement is false :)

Now, if I try to install ovirt-guest-agent, apt wants to download+install 65 packages with icons, fonts, etc, which is simply insane for a server, never ever wants to run anything X11 based application.

root@isp-mx1:~# apt-cache show ovirt-guest-agent
Package: ovirt-guest-agent
Architecture: all
Version: 1.0.13.dfsg-2
Priority: extra
Section: universe/utils
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <email address hidden>
Original-Maintainer: Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <email address hidden>
Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug
Installed-Size: 164
Depends: python:any (>= 2.7.5-5~), udev, lsb-base, python-apt, python-dbus, python-ethtool, usermode, qemu-guest-agent
Filename: pool/universe/o/ovirt-guest-agent/ovirt-guest-agent_1.0.13.dfsg-2_all.deb
Size: 25696
MD5sum: ea3ebb62bb23a70822a7dc409e1eac36
SHA1: 31b0aacbef8434fb139a26c723db31c89659a7e8
SHA256: f2b9b71f1ee0f74c8b42f03c8d49a0b8043c393d352cb3dc06649c1b70d01947
Homepage: http://www.ovirt.org/Ovirt_guest_agent

tags: added: bionic
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LGB [Gábor Lénárt] (lgb) wrote :

Surely, it's still a question for me, that ovirt-guest-agent really can work without the GUI-oriented usermode package. I've created a "fake" usermode package just to provide the dependency and everything seems to work OK though there are minor odd things (ie, check-new-release always hogs the CPU I guess run by some guest agent routine here but I am not so much sure ...). I really wish an expert in this area can review how this problem can be solved nicely, ie using ovirt-guest-agent without any X11 related thing installed otherwise. Thanks.

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