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Bug #1659719: ssh can't call a binary from a snap without the full path Undecided Confirmed 97 weeks

From: Michael Hudson-Doyle
Link: pam_1.3.1-5ubuntu4_1.3.1-5ubuntu5.patch


Bug #1872145: explicit key offered after all agent keys, auth can fail before explicit key used Wishlist Triaged 108 weeks

From: Christian Ehrhardt 
Link: experimental-1872145.debdiff


Bug #1501966: support changing Apparmor hats Wishlist New 346 weeks

From: John Johansen
Link: openssh-3.8p1-subdomain-privsep-v3.patch


Bug #216847: sshd will not start at boot if ListenAddress is set, because network interface is not yet up Low Confirmed 447 weeks

From: Dirk Schuster
Link: ssh.conf_12.10.patch

ubuntu 12.10 patch /etc/init/ssh.conf without sleep

Bug #1080621: RequestTTY option is not respected when declared in .ssh/config Medium Confirmed 495 weeks

From: humboink
Link: request-tty.patch


Bug #270512: openssh-client could suggest xauth rather than recommend it Low Confirmed 713 weeks

From: Thierry Carrez
Link: openssh_5.1p1-1ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #51774: ssh -X fails without warning when xauth not installed Wishlist Confirmed 743 weeks

From: Nicolas Valcarcel
Link: openssh_4.7p1-4ubuntu2.debdiff


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