Activity log for bug #314899

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2009-01-07 23:23:21 Quentin Smith bug added bug
2009-02-21 14:25:11 Caspar Clemens Mierau openssh: status New Invalid
2009-02-21 14:25:11 Caspar Clemens Mierau openssh: statusexplanation Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. I am marking this bug as invalid as it seems to be a mixture of default (wished) behaviour and not yet fully configurated ssh client. I suggest you to create or tune your ~/.ssh/config file where you can set specific settings for connections and check /etc/ssh/ssh_config against defaults. You'll be interested in the setting: PreferredAuthentications Specifies the order in which the client should try protocol 2 authentication methods. This allows a client to prefer one method (e.g. keyboard-interactive) over another method (e.g. password) The default for this option is: “gssapi-with-mic, hostbased, publickey, keyboard-interactive, password”. If you are sure that even this configuration is ignored, feel free to open this bug again and file your .ssh/config /without personal details) and your /etc/ssh/ssh_config.