Comment 8 for bug 449255

Confirm the problem for Jaunty. I tried cups 1.3.9-17ubuntu3.2 from jaunty-updates, as well as compiled from the sources from 1.3.11 and 1.4.1 that is bundled with karmic. Problem remains in all the cases with only difference that in later two versions print space instead of U+0419, while 1.3.9 corrupts text near by this letter. In all the cases:
- when test document is exported to PDF first, then it prints correctly. It is only way to get document printed.
- when test document is printed to cups-pdf problems remains same.
- when test document is saved to postscript file, postscript viewers I have installed both evince and okular show document correctly, but printout is wrong with the exactly same problem.

I noted that in then postscript file (where all used glyphs should be embedded for cups) there is no U+0419 glyph for fonts affected.
I think, when postscript viewer shows the file it just takes omitted glyph from system fonts. When cups is printing it omit letter with version 1.3.9 or replaces it space in 1.3.11 and 1.4.1.

In the sample attached first line is in Arial and the U+0419 the second letter in the third word. Arial glyphs for first four words of the line are given in the postscript file in lines 14051 - 14074. U+0419 have encoding 14 that is missed here.
Same phrase in another msttcorefonts's font Comic Sans MS is at line 7 of the odt file. It prints via either cups correctly. Comic's glyphs are defined in lines 16944 - 16967, at line 16950 there is definition for letter with encoding 14, for U+0419.