Comment 0 for bug 350193

Binary package hint: openoffice.org2


This installation:
$ uname -a
Linux jaunty64 2.6.28-11-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 23 16:40:00 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Ubuntu jaunty 64bits (development branch).

I paste some table data from my nettbank to calc. Calc freezes immediately and I hav to kill the entire process.

Attached: table-data.html
Open the "table-data.html" in your browser and select all the data. Then paste it into calc.

$ openoffice --version
** (soffice:10173): WARNING **: unable to get gail version number 3.01
OOO300m15 (build 9379)

$ aptitude show

State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Version: 1:3.0.1-7ubuntu1
Priority: optional
Section: editors
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers <email address hidden>
Uncompressed Size: 17.0M
Depends: (= 1:3.0.1-7ubuntu1), (= 1:3.0.1-7ubuntu1),