Comment 4 for bug 306602

  • 123.ods Edit (7.4 KiB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet)

I can also confirm this.

Here's one example of how to reproduce it
1. put numbers 1,2,3 in cells A1,A2,and A3 respectively
2. Go to A4 and type =sum(
3. click A1
4. Press CTRL and click A2 (notice that it adds a ; automatically)
5. Press CTRL and click A3
6. Press enter (notice that it displays Err:508)

Also, if i use semicolons to separate parameters, openoffice highlights the cells properly when i try to edit a formula, but if I use semicolons, it doesn't highlight the cells. So I'm left without cell color highlighting when editing formulas, as using semicolons to separate parameters results in an error.