Comment 3 for bug 192056


I'm not sure how I got CC:d in this, but since I have been, I'll add my 2¢.

The security on MS Office documents appears to be easily circumvented and probably only exists for the dual purposes of (false) marketing and hindering interoperability.
However, I myself neither use nor condone the use of MS Office, so I cannot do more than say that I hear from time to time about locked documents being retrieved.

But the above is not immediately helpful in getting your lost documents.

Since this is not a bug and not a problem with the *buntu distros, the best place to get practical information regarding question like this would be to contact the Users' mailing list and pose your question there:
   <email address hidden>

see also
  mailto:<email address hidden>

From there you should be able to 1) sooner or later get information about how to get your lost documents, 2) ensure that the needed functionality is eventually added to if it is currently missing.