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Thanks for sending along your recent blog post. I wanted to clarify a
couple things here as we are effected in this case by a bug in another
package, not one in our code.

What broke in the version provided via main on Ubuntu 10.10 was OpenLDAP.

The developer who found the OpenLDAP bug was stunned that the version of
OpenDAP that shipped in 10.10 even built, let alone functioned.

All the versions Likewise Software shipped from our website have worked on
Ubuntu 10.10.

The version of Likewise Open we ship from our website has a build of
OpenLDAP which we bless (as this version must work on numerous versions of
numerous distros). In the Ubuntu main repo version (5.4), we are entirely
dependent on the version of OpenLDAP which Canonical ships in the main repo.

When it broke, so did we.

The fix for this is to download the version of OpenLDAP which we have on
launchpad with the bad patch removed. Once this is done, LikewiseOpen as
shipped with Ubuntu 10.10 main works just fine.


Thanks again for the post on Likewise. If possible it would be much
appreciated if you could make clear the cause of the failure in the Ubuntu
main repository version as we would like users confidence in the tools we
provide via Cononical's release to remain solid.

We also have a team of dedicated engineers who are specifically tasked with
assisting users of the open source offerings (at no cost). These engineers
can be reached via our community forums at:

Feel free to use any of the information provided on our forums and this
email if you find it useful.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

All the best,

Jonathan Flack
Open Source Community Engineer
Likewise Software

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