Comment 18 for bug 224800

When OpenJDK java web start is used, it can not open some jnlp files.
For example, you can try the following ones :

If you open them through firefox, it downloads the necessary jars, but does not open the application.
If you download the jnlp files and launch them whith javaws, you get the following error :
netx: Spec version not supported (supports 1.0)

These application work if you launch them with Sun Java 6 Web start.

Netx seems to be the library used by openjdk to handle jnlp files. I checked the source code and it only supports 1.0 version of jnlp (see file in package netx.jnlp). The examples above use version 1.5 of jnlp.

What is annoying is that the upgrade from gutsy to hardy makes openjdk the default java alternative, even if Sun java 6 was installed.
Thus, the jnlp files that were working under gusty do not work anymore under hardy.

The workaround I currently use is to choose another location when firefox prompts me which application to use for jnlp files : I specify /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin/javaws instead of "OpenJDK Java Web Start". So the jnlp files are opened with Sun Java instead of openjdk : I still need to keep Sun java.

The solution would be, I guess, to make netx support 1.5 jnlp files. But this project doesn't seem to be updated for years...