Comment 8 for bug 1871161

John Neffenger (jgneff) wrote :

Thank you for adding the two most recent non-LTS releases of OpenJDK in addition to the base OpenJDK LTS release. Having three OpenJDK releases in Ubuntu is a great help in solving problems and seeing performance trends in the JVM.

For example, these Ubuntu packages allowed me to benchmark the performance of certain buffer-copying operations on ARM processors across JDK versions 11, 13, and 14, with surprising results. See the bar charts on the following page for examples:

JavaFX FramebufferY8 Benchmarks

There's always AdoptOpenJDK, but it's great to have the packages built and ready to go directly within Ubuntu. It also helps in verifying that there are no critical differences between the builds by AdoptOpenJDK and Ubuntu. Thanks again!