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Bug #1640422: iscsid.startup setting conflicts with systemd High Incomplete 134 weeks

From: Yutani
Link: fix-iscsid-startup.patch


Bug #1325359: "" tries to unmount "/" root partition on "service open-iscsi stop" command if no block device assigned to iscsi device! Undecided New 263 weeks

From: annunaki2k2
Link: umountiscsi.sh_no_block_association.patch

Patch to sanity check the block device returned is valid.

Bug #1251046: open-iscsi ibft initrd boot script fails to bring up interface Undecided New 292 weeks

From: kralikba
Link: openiscsi-init-patch.patch

proposed patch

Bug #1238169: 13.04 server: Fujitsu BX900/DX90 installation problem Undecided New 296 weeks

From: Andy Igoshin
Link: iscsi-hooks.diff


Bug #1033498: Ubuntu 12.04 iSCSI boot fails Undecided Confirmed 358 weeks

From: Josef Möllers
Link: Ubuntu-iscsi.patch

Patch to get IP configuration from iBFT.

Bug #394398: Logic to determine expected number of running session wrong (regression in hardy's open-iscsi 2.0.865-1ubuntu3.1) High Confirmed 499 weeks

From: Evan Broder
Link: open-iscsi_2.0.865-1ubuntu3.4.debdiff


Bug #380663: open-iscsi initiator tries to resolve ipv6 address of target and fails Undecided New 516 weeks

From: wereHamster
Link: open-iscsi-try-all-target-addresses.patch


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