Comment 9 for bug 1239869

AOSP simply does not handle this: its ril.h it does not define this error code. The error codes come from the codeaurora [1], which is sponsored by Qualcomm and implements Snapdragon optimizations for Android. Cyanogenmod took the code from them, ril.h and parts in the java telephony service that handle this.

To be honest, the best solution would be to define a QUALCOMM vendor and check the code just for this, but as mako is our reference platform and is Qualcomm-based, I just made AOSP=QUALCOMM, which also seems to be the approach of Cyanogenmod, as it uses those codes by default. If we need to implement more Qualcomm specific bits in the future we will have to go this path. For instance, Qualcomm also implements multi-sim support (check struct RIL_SelectUiccSub in [1]).