can't add files to mounted volume, no free space sony Z610i

Bug #135812 reported by shaunbarlow on 2007-08-30
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obexfs (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

Binary package hint: obexfs

I'm using obexfs and fuse to mount my sony ericsson z610i via bluetooth, following instructions found here:
I can mount and unmount my phone as per the instructions. However I can't add any files because there appears to no free space. I get a dialogue that says "There is not enough space on the destination." The status bar in nautilus also reports "6 items, Free space: 0 bytes"

There is an identical bug in gnome-vfs-obexftp to be found here:

This is the first time I've reported a bug of any kind, so please feel free to criticise what I've written, and/or keep the instructions explicit if I need to provide more info.

Hope you can solve this because I'd really like to use this package to add my phone as a media device in amarok. (something it seems is near impossible with gnome-vfs-obexftp)


Dan Searle (dan-d-searle) wrote :

I have the same problem with a Nokia N70, i.e. "no free space on device"
Just to clear something up
"I'd really like to use this package to add my phone as a media device in amarok. (something it seems is near impossible with gnome-vfs-obexftp)"
gnome-vfs-obexftp is gnome specific therefore cannot be used within kde apps, because they use different urls. for example gnome has computer:// whereas kde has media://

Jon Ramvi (ramvi) wrote :

I can confirm this bug using Nokia N82 and Ubuntu Hardy beta 5

Jon Ramvi (ramvi) on 2008-02-27
Changed in obexfs:
status: New → Confirmed
LarsG (lars-gaarden) wrote :

Same problem here. Ubuntu Hardy, Nokia N95.

Feo (alslovtsov) wrote :

Same problem ... Hardy, Nokia7610, obexfs_0.11-1

Anton (anton-sba) wrote :

Same problem:

Nokia E90
Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit

When I check information about the FS it says 0 to both used and free space:

$ df -ah

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
obexfs 0.0K 0.0K 0.0K - /media/E90

I can read/delete, but obviously cannot write as there isn't enough space. Frustrating - anybody knows what the bug might be caused by?

BioNuc (brekaa-osama-gmail) wrote :

i also confirm this issue on my Nokia N80 mobile
but isn't there any way around to live with until this issue get fixed


kriomant (kriomant) wrote :

I've implemented getting total/free space statistics for my phone - Nokia N70. It should work for other Nokia phones too, please report results here.

Since phone may have several memory devices (e.g. internal memory and memory card), you must specify which one you want to use. obexfs now have '-r' (or '--root') option for that. If it is omitted (which is equivalent to --root="/"), obexfs will work as usual and show folders like 'c:' and 'e:' in mount point, but it will fail to report total/free space. This is just for compatibility with unpatched version.

In order to get proper space statistics, you must specify a root, like --root=e: (trailing slash or backslash may be appended and is ignored). Then obexfs will report space statistics properly. You may also specify some folder as root, like --root="e:/Video".

You can view list of available memory devices with 'obexftp --capability'.

If your phone isn't supported or you still get zero statistics, there is a hack: give "--report-space=100000" option to obexfs and it will report this number of bytes as both total and free space.

If you have problems with space statistics, please use 'obexfs <options> -- -odebug <mountpoint> 2>&1 | tee obexfs.log' and send log to me together with output of 'obexftp <device-options> --capability' and 'obexftp <device-options> --list /'.

Patch is attached. Built package is located in my PPA.

obexfs isn't yet fully usable, it sometimes crashes, but this is result of bugs in obexftp.

P.S. obexfs and obexftp code is terrible, valgrind reports bunch of memory errors, there is code duplication, and _they parse XML with sscanf_, oh my... I'm not a guru of sscanf, so I use expat, thus dependency on libxmltok1 package is added.

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