Comment 214 for bug 982485


Attached are two screen shots from Synaptic. I'll insert them here also,
but I'm not sure they will display in the body of the response on the board.
Nvidia 1

I locked the 295.53 driver once it was installed. Before I installed
that driver, nvidia-current was 295.40 and it showed as the installed
driver. This computer did not have the issues that were described in
this bug. There are three computers (one a co-workers, and two belonging
to my brother) which did. I upgraded those all to either 295.49 or
295.53 two to three weeks ago using swat. I also locked those drivers on
those machines. This computer I did the end of last week was working
really laggy with the video. I actually didn't check what it had for
video until I got tired of it being so laggy last week. While this
computer is not used frequently (it is a back up to my main system and I
primarily use it to upload video while I'm editing video on my main
computer) a couple of times each week I do boot it and apply upgrades.
It was completely upgraded when I did the 295.53 install the end of last
week, and as I said above, 295.40 showed as the installed driver.

Here is the second screen shot from Synaptic:
Nvidia 2

It does show 295.49 in two nvidia packages, but none of these, if they
were here last week, had installed and overwritten the 295.40
nvidia-current package.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.


On 06/03/2012 09:09 AM, madbiologist wrote:
> @Don - what was the exact name of the package in Synaptic?


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