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Bug #1576698: ntpdate-debian not working Medium In Progress 4 days

From: ChristianEhrhardt
Link: fix-1576698-ntpdate-parsing.debdiff

Fix bug as Ubuntu delta since it was lost in Debian prior to the last merge

Bug #1604010: sntp missing Medium Triaged 4 weeks

From: ChristianEhrhardt
Link: fix-ntp-1604010-add-sntp.debdiff

experimental debdiff for discussion and as reference

Bug #1257082: MAAS does not use NTP servers specified in DHCPD options Medium Confirmed 103 weeks

From: Jorge Niedbalski
Link: lp1257082_prefers_dhcp_ntp_servers_precise.debdiff


Bug #427775: ntpdate.dhcp always ignored Wishlist Triaged 285 weeks

From: Ivan Borzenkov
Link: dhcp.patch


Bug #229632: ntpd should run niced Low Incomplete 342 weeks

From: nutznboltz
Link: ntp-priority.patch

Adds an option to /etc/default/ntp to make the priority level of ntpd configurable.

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