[Merge Request] NTFS-3G + NTFSPROGS 2011.4.12

Bug #788368 reported by Flames_in_Paradise on 2011-05-25
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ntfs-3g (Debian)
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ntfs-3g (Ubuntu)
Colin Watson

Bug Description

Binary package hint: ntfs-3g

new stable release available:

The package contains the following improvements, changes and fixes:

    ntfs-3g: fixed possible wrong hole size when overwriting compressed data.
    ntfs-3g: fixed listxattr() to environments with extended attributes.
    ntfs-3g: fixed ENOSPC when making an index non-resident.
    ntfs-3g: fixed partial mapping ahead of mapped runlist.
    ntfs-3g: enabled forensic mounting (currently same as read-only).
    ntfs-3g: expand an attribute without creating a hole.
    ntfs-3g: improved appending data to a long hole.
    ntfs-3g: deny direct modifications to metadata files.
    ntfs-3g: option ‘acl’ to request the use of Posix ACLs.
    ntfsclone: fixed reading old big-endian ntfsclone images.
    ntfsclone: avoided writing beyond allocated variable.
    ntfsclone: close volume and cleanup when exiting.
    ntfsclone: new option not to clear the timestamps.
    ntfsclone: sync created image before remounting.
    ntfsclone: use a stream to produce aligned writes during image creation.
    ntfsinfo: display times in UTC.
    mkntfs: don’t store full bitmap and logfile in memory.
    mkntfs: set a volume UUID if option -U.
    mkntfs: fixed $MFT allocated size.
    mkntfs: fixed allocated size of resident unnamed data.
    ntfsfix: new option -n for no action.
    ntfsfix: try alternate boot sector if cannot start up.
    ntfsfix: check and fix the upcase table.
    ntfsfix: try to fix file systems with incorrect size.
    ntfsundelete: fixed a segfault.
    ntfsresize: new option –info-mb-only.
    ntfsresize: new option –check.


Would be nice to have this incorporated in Oneiric.

Thanks in advance & best regards

Related branches

May be associated to Debian bug 626645 ?

Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) wrote :

Hi, I added a bug watch to the Debian bug. This is done by clicking on "also affects distribution" right above the bug description, selecting Debian and pasting the URL.

Since this package has some Ubuntu-specific changes, it will need to be manually merged after it appears in Debian.

tags: added: upgrade-software-version


thanks for your support! I'd like to nominate this package for Oneiric (but have no rights to do so). This package seems to have arrived in SID (unstable)




Changed Title from "Upgrade Request" to "Merge Request"

summary: - [Update Request] NTFS-3G + NTFSPROGS 2011.4.12
+ [Merge Request] NTFS-3G + NTFSPROGS 2011.4.12
Marcos Felipe Mello (marcosfrm) wrote :

Updated in Sid (1:2011.4.12AR.3-2).

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (6.0 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package ntfs-3g - 1:2011.4.12AR.4-2ubuntu1

ntfs-3g (1:2011.4.12AR.4-2ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

  * Resynchronise with Debian (LP: #788368). Remaining changes:
    - Add a ntfs-3g-udeb package.
    - Depend on suitable versions of initramfs-tools and initscripts for
      /run support.
    - Accept "syncio" mount option (a synonym for "sync") for compatibility
      with older versions of Ubuntu.

ntfs-3g (1:2011.4.12AR.4-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Adding missing build-depends to libcrypt11-dev and libgnutls-dev,
    thanks to Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <email address hidden> (Closes:

ntfs-3g (1:2011.4.12AR.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Adding libntfs-3g75 to conflicts/replaces of ntfs-3g to ease
    upgrades from squeeze.
  * Merging upstream version 2011.4.12AR.4.
  * Removing linux-ntfs.patch, merged upstream.
  * Updating todo file.
  * Configuring with --enable-crypto and --enable-extras.
  * Adding target in rules to fetch upstream changelog.
  * Compacting copyright file.

ntfs-3g (1:2011.4.12AR.3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Removing libntfs-3g library package and folding it into ntfs-3g
    itself as there's not much point in micro-packaging here (nobody
    except ntfs-3g uses the shlib anyway, upstream bumps soname with
    almost every release and going through NEW is annoying).
  * Renaming libntfs-3g-dev to ntfs-3g-dev for consistency.

ntfs-3g (1:2011.4.12AR.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Really correcting symlink target for libntfs-3g.so, thanks to
    Michael Biebl <email address hidden> (Closes: #627929).
  * Adding missing space in package long descriptions, thanks to Fabio
  * Adding "reviewed" control file from debian-l10n-english team
    (Closes: #630114).
  * Correcting reviewed control file by re-adding the dropped
    conflicts/replaces/provides and fixing package descriptions.
  * Adding reviewed debconf templates from debian-l10n-english team.
  * Updating German debconf translations.
  * Adding Czech debconf translations from Michal Simunek
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #630622).
  * Adding Danish debconf translations from Joe Hansen
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #631307).
  * Adding Spanish debconf translations from Francisco Javier Cuadrado
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #631735).
  * Adding French debconf translations from Thomas Blein
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #631417).
  * Adding Japanese debconf translations from Hideki Yamane
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #630596).
  * Adding Dutch debconf translations from Jeroen Schot <schot@a-
    eskwadraat.nl> (Closes: #629390).
  * Adding Portuguese debconf translations from Rui Branco
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #632058).
  * Adding Russian debconf translations from Yuri Kozlov
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #630947).
  * Adding Slovak debconf translations from Ivan Masár
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #630588).
  * Adding Swedish debconf translations from Martin Bagge
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #630639).
  * Adding Chinese (simplified) debconf translations from YunQiang Su
    <email address hidden> (Closes: #632216).
  * Building with posix-acls and xattr-...


Changed in ntfs-3g (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
Changed in ntfs-3g (Debian):
status: Unknown → Fix Released
Colin Watson (cjwatson) on 2011-08-11
Changed in ntfs-3g (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Colin Watson (cjwatson)
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