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Bug #1623871: Nova hugepage support does not include aarch64 Undecided Triaged 33 hours

From: dann frazier
Link: lp1623871-y.patch


Bug #1554195: Nova (juno) ignores logging_*_format_string in syslog output Undecided Confirmed 28 weeks

From: George Shuklin
Link: wz_fix_syslog_formatter.patch


Bug #1554227: DHCP unicast requests are not responded to Undecided Confirmed 29 weeks

From: Kelvin Koh
Link: nova-network-dnsmasq-vlan.patch


Bug #1398999: Block migrate with attached volumes copies volumes to themselves High Triaged 50 weeks

From: Bartosz Fic
Link: selective_block_migration_ubuntu.diff

Patch for Ubuntu with libvirt 1.2.16

Bug #1439280: Libvirt CPU affinity error Undecided Confirmed 73 weeks

From: Tony Breeds
Link: 1439280.patch


Bug #1418187: _get_host_numa_topology assumes numa cell has memory Medium Incomplete 86 weeks

From: Scott Moser
Link: 1418187-hackfix.patch

workaround patch

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