Comment 1 for bug 367069

J Jones (johnjones) wrote :

A little more about this bug. I've been playing around with this some more and the notify-osd process seems to behave just fine until I touch the volume knob on the side of the laptop. I can adjust the volume using the mouse and the volume icon at the top of the screen with no problems.

Also I can trigger notifications for other reasons (like connect and disconnect from wifi) and notify-osd wakes for a second or two, shows the notification, then goes back to "sleep".

However, if I even touch the volume knob, the volume notification pops up and runs away to maximum or minimum volume and begins to consume 100% CPU. Killing the process doesn't do any good, because it just restarts.

As long as I don't touch the volume knob, everything is fine. In fact, I'm typing this now from the Live CD. I'm afraid to install 9.04 to replace 8.04 because I don't want to have a runaway volume notification every time I touch the volume.

Is there anything else that would be helpful to diagnose this? lspci printout or something similar?

Let me know and I'll post whatever.