Comment 1 for bug 338279

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 22:53 +0000, Launchpad Bug Tracker wrote:
> If a user has both (for example) ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop
> installed they will have notify-osd, but if they are running in kubuntu-
> desktop they will not have a messaging indicator. It would be useful is
> notify-osd would provide old style notifications in this condition so
> that users would not have to remove it to get effective notifications.

Considering that notify-osd doesn't share any code with the older
notification daemon "falling back" isn't really an option. Adding the
rendering into notify-osd would be a major undertaking, and unreasonable
to do after Feature Freeze. (even if we did it I would have to lie on
the FFe to get it accepted) Also, for the amount of work, I think it
would be more reasonable to build a messaging indicator for KDE. But,
again that's not going to be available for Jaunty.

So, I'm trying to think of what we could do for Jaunty to solve this
problem. I'm not sure how to implement this, I'm hoping someone with
packaging expertise can help.

What I think would be interesting is if someone installed
kubuntu-dekstop the old notification daemon got installed, but with a
desktop file that had Show-Only-In:KDE and we could set the notify-osd
one to only show in GNOME. Could that work?