Comment 6 for bug 332014

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

Martin, notification-daemon is installed by default in 8.10, so when upgraded to 9.04, it will pull in notification-properties automatically, correct? I think it's just as important that a new Ubuntu release is coherent for someone upgrading as for someone doing a fresh install. It would be quite bad if one of the most obvious new things about 9.04 apparently included settings that didn't work at all.

I see a few options here:
1. Return notify-osd to Conflicts:+Replaces: notification-daemon, as it did originally. That would make stracciatella-session impractical.
2. Have notification-daemon not pull in notification-properties by default (as you suggest, and bug 301766 asks for). But that could be seen as unfairly hobbling notification-daemon.
3. Have the Intrepid->Jaunty upgrade script uninstall notification-daemon, without using Conflicts: to do so.