Comment 0 for bug 1575212

Thomas Ward (teward) wrote :


 * NGINX 1.9.x series has been retired in favor of 1.10.x stable branch.
 * NGINX 1.10.0 is based on 1.9.15, and is an exact duplicate of the repository at nginx for 1.9.15 at the time of 1.10.0 being cut from it.
 * The Server Team has wanted to SRU to get NGINX 1.10.0 into Xenial as soon as it was available, which was today (April 26, 2016)
 * There are no code level changes except for the Ubuntu Branding patch being updated in it, and a version string bump.
 * This also includes a fix for Bug #1574888 which has the incorrect php7.0-fpm socket file location for the default configuration.

[Test Case]

 * N/A - This bumps a version string, and fixes a default configuration file string.

[Regression Potential]

 * Zero - no code changes are introduced which would introduce regressions.

[Other Info]

 * During Xenial cycle, we have always planned to update nginx to 1.10.0, or SRU it soon after Xenial release. This finishes off this plan to get nginx 1.10.0 stable into the repositories.

 * Upstream change log for 1.10.0 (

Changes with nginx 1.10.0 26 Apr 2016

    *) 1.10.x stable branch.

 * This only changes the version string upstream. Other changes are a result of post-Xenial configuration issue discoveries, or an updated patch due to the version bump.