Comment 23 for bug 1262710

Thomas Ward (teward) wrote :

This debdiff here contains typos that sarnold found, and is in response to this:

<sarnold> teward: hey :) nice debdiff, thanks; there is an UNRELEASED in the changelog, and 'nginx-extra' typo in the Description: field for the nginx-core package. otherwise it looks good to me. Thanks for taking this on.
<teward> sarnold: can you give me line numbers?
<teward> i have to change it from a phone that's SSH'd into my main system, so line numbers would help
<teward> oh
<teward> wait... what?
<teward> sarnold: i don't see that typo you mention
<sarnold> teward: line 79, and line 5
<teward> sarnold: ah thanks
<teward> sarnold: i found the same typo in my changelog entry
<sarnold> teward: hah, I read right past that one. more eyes..