Comment 16 for bug 1194074

Thomas Ward (teward) wrote :

Samuel Messner and everyone:

This has not actually been fixed based on the bug. The reason this is 'Fix Released' in Debian here is because Launchpad has the incorrect logic for the Debian bug. (See for details on the logic breakage).

From the Debian bug (and Michael Lustfield, who marked the bug as 'Done' in Debian, although it's not fixed):

The Linux FS hierarchy [1] is pretty self-explanatory and standard.
Unfortunately, many admins don't bother to actually read and
understand what the heck is going on in their system. They have a
tendency to follow poor documentation without verifying the quality of
it. It's a bit disturbing that the archlinux wiki has that, but at the
same time, it's edited by users.

We can't really police all documentation to ensure people use common
sense. As much as it's not our place to police all documentation on
the Internet, it's also not our place to protect users from every
single silly thing they may consider doing. It's taking
--no-preserve-root, and going a step further. Sure, this one could be
a simple patch. It's a patch that isn't needed, though.

I'm sorry to be blunt and perhaps a little rude, but there's only so
much hand-holding and so on that should be provided. In my book, this
one is well past the limit.

I do have some ideas to help with this blind assumption that package
territory is also user territory, but there's only so much that people
will read. They obviously aren't bothering to read the top comment on
the default nginx config.