Comment 0 for bug 993571

St├ęphane Graber (stgraber) wrote :

To start with, let me confirm that I do NOT have any message in my kernel log complaining about the kernel not being able to set the default IPv6 route, so that's a different bug from the what you're probably thinking about ;)

This one happens every few minutes or every few hours, as far as I can tell, only on wireless networks (for a yet unknown reason) and only on dual-stack networks.

I reproduced it on a variety of equipment (3 laptops, 2 with 2 different intel wireless chips, one with atheros) and on 4 different brands of access points. Only thing in common, the network configuration is almost identical.
That's a standard dual-stack setup with IPv4 provided over DHCP and IPv6 through radvd (SLAAC) with RDNSS set.

I'm attaching a debug log. Look for "ip-config-unavailable" to spot the few occurrences of the bug in it.

This most likely is the same bug as described in: