Comment 45 for bug 963106

Daniel Eckl (daniel-eckl) wrote :

For some reason, the main issue of this report now hit me. Root cannot be unmounted, because dhclient and dnsmasq is still running at this point (verified by running lsof in umountroot).

The order of my init scripts is still fine now, I have S35networking, S40umountfs and S60umountroot, so this is not the cause anymore.

Also when stopping networking manually, dhclient and dnsmasq are both still running.

I took the time to update to 12.10 (quantal), but still no change to this issue for me. My workaround is a "killall dnsmasq dhclient; sleep 2" in umountroot, but obviously, this doesn't even count as dirty hack, this is even more ugly.