Comment 35 for bug 963106

tuhu (tuhubage) wrote :

Thanks for the respond Steven,

Yes, I did execute it from a terminal in the desktop environment.

I have un-checked "Available to all users" for my active network connection, but, the "mount: / is busy" message still appears. So, I think my problem is not with the network manager.

So, as you suggested, I added:
/bin/ps > /DEBUG
/usr/bin/lsof >> /DEBUG
to /etc/init.d/umountroot before the 'mount -n -o remount,ro /' sequence. And you can see the out put in the attachment. This time, I input the 'ps -ef and losf -nP' command not from terminal but from tty1. Was that what you meant? Or how is it to reproduce the output you meant?