Comment 80 for bug 524454

boky (verynotbad) wrote :

FYI people, might be helpful for some:
I've seem to have traced my problem to a (faulty?) wireless on-off switch on my Dell D830. It seems to be very sensitive to the position. When I would switch my wireless on/off with a hardware switch I would get 10 hw on-off signals in /var/log.

What I did try was to disable the HW switch completely in BIOS. Seems that Ubuntu / Linux is still catching it nevertheless, although now there are only 3-4 on-off signals in the logs.

With HW switch off in BIOS and moving it very gently from on to off (or vice versa) I can find a state when the WIFI light turns on. If I don't touch it afterwards it works perfectly.

Now I don't know if this is a SW or HW issue (haven't had this problem when I was running Windows on the same machine); heck I don't even know if this is the same problem as this bug describes. Let's just say it did look like this bug when I was looking around the web for a solution and hopefully this comment will help someone.