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Peter Gavin (pgavin) wrote :

Similar problem here, on a IBM ThinkPad T30 using the airo driver. The network-manager in Breezy worked fine, but after I installed dapper, I was unable to connect to a WEP AP. (My current version of nm is 0.6.2-0ubuntu3).

Here are the log messages (from /var/log/debug) that I recieved when I attempted to connect:

Apr 24 14:34:41 localhost NetworkManager: <debug info>^I[1145903681.826523] nm_device_802_11_wireless_get_activation_ap (): Forcing AP 'my-ssid'
Apr 24 14:35:47 localhost NetworkManager: <debug info>^I[1145903747.106260] real_act_stage4_ip_config_timeout (): Activation
(eth0/wireless): could not get IP configuration info for 'my-ssid', asking for new key.
Apr 24 14:36:51 localhost kernel: [4313885.714000] eth0: no IPv6 routers present