Comment 12 for bug 269858

I could not get the patch to work, neither did the guides online that suggest a manual unload of module usb-storage and a maual reload of usb-serial. This is not resolved in Jaunty 9.04 alpha as of the nighly build of 5 Dec. Testing with the live version of that distro, I expereienced the same failure. I found some online references to module "ZeroCD" that might be at fault for not letting this work by default.

 I also see reports the Onda MT603HS working under 7.04/7.10 but not after 8.04. There is a driver provided by the vendor that fails to build due to changes in some usb driver header in the kernel.

Link to the download of the Onda Driver:

I will try to relate a bug report that was made for the Onda against network manager for reference. The behavior of the ZTE seems to be the same.